Call For Papers: Special Issue of Springer Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling on Complex Networks (SI-Complex-Networks 2012)

Multidisciplinary applications of Complex Networks Modeling, Simulation, Visualization & Analysis

Complex Network methods for Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) have a widespread  prevalence across literature spanning several disciplines from Biology and Social Sciences to Communication Networks. These network models are primarily developed using interaction data of various components or agents in a CAS. Subsequently analysis of these networks is performed using various network tools. This inaugural special issue of Springer Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling (CASM) comprises of papers in the domain of complex networks modeling, simulation, visualization and analysis.  Complex Network methods have a widespread prevalence across literature spanning several disciplines.  The topics for this special issue will include, but are not limited to:
– Modeling, Simulation and Visualization of Complex Networks
– Complex Network Analysis
– Social Network Analysis
– Biological Networks
– Ecological Networks
– Citation Networks
– Complex Network Methods in Complex Adaptive Communication Networks & Environments (CACOONS) such as large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks, P2P networks, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Multiagent Systems etc.
– Use of Agent-based Modeling in Complex Networks
– Application case studies


Submission Deadline Aug 1, 2012
Notification Due Oct 1, 2012
Final Version Due Dec 15, 2012


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